General Rules

  • English only.

    Most of our members and officers are English-literate, and people in some countries use English as their primary (and only) language. It will be better and easier if everyone just use English to communicate. This is also for officers to easily moderate unwanted messages.

  • No Begging.

    Do not ask other members for free stuff.
    Although people do occasionally giveaway free games out of generosity, deliberately asking for free items is unacceptable.

  • No personal attacks / racism.

    We welcome members from different country, different culture, and different race. If their trade offer doesn't please you, please just decline politely and move on. Officers will try to keep the group as neutral as possible, and will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. So do NOT start any personal attacks. Do NOT start any flame wars.

  • Do not advertise sites or links without permission from the group officers.

    Some kind of links are not permitted to be advertised in the group. Below are some examples of allowed and prohibited links:

    Links that are allowed:
    • Links to Steam store or user Steam profile.
    • Links to your trade offers, such as steamtrades, pastebin etc.
    • Links to trusted Steam game seller, such as Amazon, GreenManGaming etc.
    • Links to trusted Steam bundle, such as Humble Bundle, Indie Royale etc.
    • Links to Steam related giveaway site, such as steamgifts.
    • Links to Steam trading related site, such as steamrep, steamprices.

    Links that are NOT allowed:
    • Other Steam group.
    • Phishing link / malicious website.
    • Sites that contains adult content, political advocates, extreme graphic violence.
    • Sites that discuss firearms, criminal activities, and other illegal topics.
    • Sites that promote piracy, hacking or cracking.

    Links that are in the GREY area, they may nor may not be allowed. Please consult our officers before posting any links like this.
    • Referral links.
    • Links to localized online retail store.
    • Personal website or streams.

  • No harassing users or interfering with their trades.

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  • All trades must abide by Steam rules and any other rules imposed by the source of your trade items (if applicable).

    We take no responsibility for any loss or regrets caused by trading items that violate any rules from external source.

Group Chat Rules

  • No guesting allowed. Please join the group if you want to use our chat.

    Our group chat is Members-Only. This is to protect our group chat from unwanted and malicious outsiders. Members are welcomed to invite their friends into the group, but please, do NOT invite to group chat. Officers will kick all guest on sight.

  • 1 ad every 3 minutes. This may be changed during peak seasons.

  • Maximum of 2 game / item images per post.

  • No more than 3 lines per post.

  • No more than 2 emotes per post.

    Above rules are in-place to ensure the group chat is clean and spam-free. This allow all traders to have equal chance to promote their trade offers.

    Click here to view the basic guideline for chat length

  • No vulgar posts, prank links, adult / criminal content, or any kind of disruptive trolling.

    Please refrain from posting links that contain items that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Our chat has people joining from around the globe, so please be considerate towards people who might be at work with bosses, or at home with elderly and children. Do not post jump-scares, trolling loud noise, extreme graphic violence, or other prank links.

  • Do not spam / flood. Unrequested ads via PM are also considered spam.

    In conjunction with several anti-spam rule listed above, this rule is listed specifically for people who go into group chat, and send a chat / trade request to each and every member in the group chat. Please do not do that. Post your trade offers in the chat and follow the anti-spam rule listed above. Do not send your offer to everyone in the group chat. If any officer receive any complaints from several members, you will be prosecuted.

  • Please follow basic chat etiquette.

    Officers will do their best to keep the chat neutral and friendly. Anyone found to be disrupting the peace will be kicked / banned.

  • A kick means a warning.

    You can rejoin the chat after a kick. If you do not understand why you are kicked, please ask the officer in-person. Do not repetitively question an officer's decision or challenge his judgement. If you received a kick, you probably broke a rule. Officers have no obligation to "warn" you before a kick. As the title said it, the kick is a warning in itself.

Forum and Comment Rules

  • One thread / post per 12 hours.

    This includes "bumping". Do not bump your trade offers within 12 hours, implicitly or explicitly. If your post is reported, you will be banned from using the forum for a period of time, and your trade post will be deleted.

  • Do not trade real money outside of Steam.

    Do not offer / advertise trades that involve real world currency. This includes Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin etc.

    One exception is "Steam Wallet".
    This implies that the buyer will buy whatever item that is in Steam store or marketplace to trade for goods. This is permitted.