Trader's Guild is a Steam-focused community group. It was founded on Christmas Eve in the year 2011, not long after Steam introduced the gifts trading feature into Steam Community. At first, this group was created just for traders to have a place to do trades during the Christmas event that year. However, the trading trend didn't just end as the Christmas event ended. Instead, it keeps on growing! As the number of traders keep growing, so does our member-base, and it has grown to be one of the largest trading group in Steam.

Our Objectives

We aim to provide a place where members can gather, chat, trade, and have fun!
And more importantly, for traders to trade safely and happily!

Things We Do

Steam Group Chat

Come join our group chat!

The chat is filled with traders offering trade posts, and fun chit-chat all the time. We welcome any kind of trading and small talk within our group (please follow the rules and basic chat etiquette). The officers will monitor the chat to ensure the chat is scammer-free, spam-free, and friendly!

(How to join?)

Steam Group Discussion Board

Browse our Discussion Board, or put up your own offers! There will be plenty of offers everyday.

Steam Sales Announcements

Officers of the group will put up an announcement for various Steam deals out there! Join our group to receive pop-up announcement when they are made, or Subscribe to our announcement feed to receive latest Steam deals from the internet!

Middle-Man Service

Our group officers can be your middle-man for your trades!
When doing a trade that involve items outside of Steam, having a middle-man will highly reduce the chance of getting scammed.

How to Join?

You will need to have a Steam account. Register here if you don't have one.
Go to our Steam Group profile, and hit the [Join Group] button on the right.

How can I Contribute?

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Fun Facts