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Middlemanning 101 - ~Zero - 10-25-2013 04:10 PM

MAJOR STEP : Check both sides steamrep


Key vs key
Some parts like these you cannot hold niether of the items, therefore you decline , your service is useless at parts like these.

Tradeable vs key
This is the most common situation , you hold the tradeable, while the key is being activated,
to gurantee maximum saftey i recommend using teamviewer a simple program to remote control someones pc, no need to install, just download and run.

when you've recieved the tradeable item, tell both sides to install teamviewer, ask for the person whos activating the key to give his id and password of teamviewer. let the person who owns the key copypaste the key via teamviewer by himself , now everybody ( 2 sides, middleman) can see if the key was duped/activated , or didnt exist at all.
Very important! : Order the guy whos reciving the key , not to expose his steam window so we cannot see his username, only the activation box

Tradeable vs giftable
some gifts arent tradeable, you should know that by now.
Person A = Guy with giftable
Person B = Guy with tradeable
Step 1 : get the tradeable From guy B
Step 2 : order Guy A to send his giftable directly to guy B
Step 3: Trade the tradeable to guy A

Paypal vs tradeable
Person A: Tradeable item
Person B: Paypal
Step 1 : Hold the tradeable item from guy A
Step 2 : Order guy B to send paypal to A ,
Step 3 : Person A confirms that he recieved the cash
Step 4: Send the tradeable to B

Paypal vs Key
Cant hold any item in a situation like this as well, politely decline, you cannot help here.

Steam wallet vs Tradeable
This is a trade situtation which occurs alot in our chat and sometimes users get tricked. Why is it bad? it can cause a person to lose his money by buying something for another person to trade with , but then that persons changes his mind after the items have been bought (although he did agree to the trade), leaving the first person with items that he never wanted. ( good example can be shown here )

Person A: Steam wallet
Person B: Tradeable
Step 1 : Retrieve tradeable from person B
Step 2 : Order Person A to buy the desired game
Step 3 : Trade with A after he has purchased the games
Step 4 : Give the purchased items to B

Steam wallet vs giftable
Same as above , just a giftable item
Person A: Steam wallet
Person B: Giftable item
Step 1: Get giftable from B
Step 2: Order Person A to buy the desired games
Step 3: Tell Person A to trade his games to Person B
Step 4: Give giftable item to person A

Steam wallet vs key
Cant hold any item in a situation like this as well, politely decline, you cannot help here.


This is a major part where we cannot prevent, if a person looks very suspicious to you , or is marked on steamrep, tell the other side about this , you could also recommend him not to trade at all.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions?

post below

Suggestion #1 by norb

Teamviewer has a recording system implented in it , which can allow us to record the key activation process, this recording might help in the future by supplying us proof against a person if the key was revoked / charged / deactivated , and such.



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