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Administrator of Trader's Guild since 2012.
Lead programmer and designer for Trader's Guild website.

Mid-20s. Malaysian Chinese.
Software Engineer, working in Singapore.
Achievement completionist.
Favorite band: Mayday (五月天)

Joined the group not long after it was founded, ~Zero was a trader that traded for games and profit back when he was still young and poor. In recognition of his activeness and contribution to the group and its members, ~Zero was promoted to Administrator, referenced by Cyrax (ex-Admin) and Mr. Revan (ex-Admin).

During the golden age of TG Radio, he helped setup the Radio site, and was actively annoucing radio events to the group (when our DJ InAmberClad wasn't an Admin yet). Now that he had been working for some time, and got a full-time job that pays well, ~Zero do not trade so much anymore, and is quite generous when he do so. However, because of this, he wasn't as active as back then when he was first started.

He can be found in the group chat during weekday most of the time. He will always play games at night, and spend time IRL during the weekends. Occasionally, he will host private giveaway in the group chat which always ends with less than 20 entries.

Fan of Hatsune Miku, Final Fantasy, Gundam.
Likes to play DOTA 2.