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Administrator of Trader's Guild since 2011.
TG's lead programmer and Database Engineer

18. British.
Developer in London.
I play for the Lulz (And storyline).
Favorite band: Daft Punk

Maddog was brought into Traders Guild straight away, needing an Admin to ensure the group was stable during the busy seasons (when trading first started) and has since become a loyal member of the community, offering free games and providing anything he can to further TG's continued admin-user connections.

Maddog is always around, and will middleman for you if needed. He has helped set up many things behind the scenes, even if he appears inactive. Feel free to add him.

Can be found in the Chat 24/7 lurking. PMing me is good idea if you need my attention, but if I'm not there, best to leave a message on my wall.

Fan of Science, Science Fiction and Space!
Likes to play EvE Online.